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Succession | Catch up now. Season 3 premieres this October. succession
American Rust | Season 1 premieres Sunday, September 12. americanrust
Now streaming Outlander Season 5. outlander
Heels | Now airing and streaming season 1. godfather


With On Demand subscriptions, get the movies, music and special programming you want, from NFL RedZone to Disney and much more.

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NFL RedZone takes fans from game to game to see the most exciting plays. Fans can catch their favorite teams and players in HD every Sunday afternoon, all season long.

Join host Scott Hanson for live coverage of all the best NFL action from across the country and every touchdown from every game, every Sunday afternoon. Plus, see up-to-the-minute fantasy stats, extended highlights and much more. NFL RedZone is the perfect fantasy companion, allowing fans to improve their fantasy roster.

Only $49.99 for the season
NFL Redzone


Stingray Karaoke is a subscription video on demand (“SVOD”) party-driven package that is great for parties, family gatherings, holidays or even giving your best solo performance!

  • With songs for all tastes and all ages, it's fun for the whole family - now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Atlantic Broadband On Demand (TIVO). For $6.99 per month customers will get unlimited access to endless song titles covering all popular genres: Pop, Rock, Country, R&B/Hip Hop including current hits, golden oldies and original Disney recordings from live action and animated movies scores and TV series, too.
  • Scrolling lyrics displayed on your television over original concept video backgrounds and images. Easy to select and play karaoke videos using your remote control.
  • Karaoke songs are high-quality re-recorded hits in the style today's top-charting artists and yesterday's legends.

Only $6.99/mo
Stingray Karaoke


Call 844-574-8435 to order Call 844-574-8435 to order