TV Programming Updates

Keeping channels on and costs in check.

Atlantic Broadband works in good faith to negotiate fair contracts with hundreds of TV channels as we strive to provide a comprehensive lineup that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and interests.

In some cases, we are not able to come to an agreement, and we make the difficult decision to remove the channel or channels in order to manage costs on behalf of our customers.

Many of these channels are now available to consumers through a direct subscription, so you may still have access to the content you enjoy even if the channel is no longer available through Atlantic Broadband.

Why do TV Programming Agreements expire?

Like any contract, TV programming agreements exist for a fixed period of time and then expire. Atlantic Broadband has successfully renegotiated thousands of expiring contracts over the years and has rarely experienced an interruption of service.

What happens if a distribution agreement can't be reached?

We expect that we’ll be able to renew these agreements and continue to carry the channels now and in the future. In the event an agreement can't be reached, however, the TV programmer may no longer permit us to carry their channel or channels.

What channels are expiring in the next couple of months?

We currently are in negotiations with the Starz and Starz Encore Channels, as well as AMC Networks (that includes AMC, IFC, SundanceTV, WE TV, BBC America and BBC World).

We will work hard to come to fair terms with both of these companies, but if the contract expires without an agreement or the terms provided by the companies are not fair to our customers, we will no longer be able to carry these TV channels on our lineups.