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General Phone Usage

Make sure that all phones are on the hook and that cordless phone batteries are charged.

Check the lights on your phone modem (the device connecting your cable to your phones) for the following:

- Power light should be solid. If not, verify that the device is plugged directly into a working power outlet. If the power cord is removed or power is out, the only lights active will be power and Tel1/Tel2.

- Online light should be solid. If not, verify that standby mode (Motorola 5220 only) is off. If the standby light is on, press the standby button on top of the device. (The standby feature turns off Internet only – Phone Service stays active.)

- Battery light should be solid. If the battery light is off, make sure the battery is securely connected to the modem A flashing battery light indicates the battery is charging or the battery is depleted and needs to be changed. Please contact us if the battery light blinks for more than 24 hours. Note that as long as your modem is plugged in and receiving power, the status of your battery light should not affect your Phone service.

Try to plug a working corded phone into different jacks to find out if the issue is isolated to one phone or jack.

Plug the phone directly into the phone modem to determine if the issue may be related to wiring inside your home.

If after trying all of the above, you are still not receiving a dial tone, please contact your local Atlantic Broadband office.

Check all phones to be sure that the ringers have are on. You should also make sure that you do not have the Call Forwarding or Do Not Disturb features activated. Determine whether all phones are affected, or if you can receive calls on some phones. If all phones are affected, please contact your local Atlantic Broadband office.

Try making calls on all phones to see if only specific phones are affected. If using a cordless phone, test with a non-cordless phone if possible. If only certain phones are affected, check connections or replace the phone itself. Verify the type of call the other party is making. If they are using a cell phone, your conversation could be affected by reception difficulties. 

If the call is a local or long distance call from a standard phone line, and you are still experiencing problems, please contact your local Atlantic Broadband office.

A single short ring indicates that you have Call Forwarding activated on your line.

First, try plugging another phone into the jack to verify that the problem is not the phone itself. Check every phone and make sure they are securely plugged in. If you continue to experience problems with the jack, dial 611 for assistance.

Phone Modem Battery

At time of purchase, Atlantic Broadband provides a battery backup with the phone modem installed to activate your phone service. In the event of a power outage, this battery provides up to eight hours of standby service or up to four hours of talk time using a corded phone connected directly to the phone modem’s working jack. You will not be able to use the phone without the battery. In most cases, this battery will not need to be replaced for several years but it is recommended that you periodically check the status of your battery.

Atlantic Broadband offers an easy way for you to purchase a new, replacement battery by visiting:

Visit: to order a new replacement phone modem battery or call us at 1-888-536-9600 if further assistance is needed.

The phone modem has a battery indicator light on the front of the device, which displays the status of the battery.

The following table provides the status of your telephone modem battery.

Phone Modem Battery Types

The model number is typically located on the front of your device or on the bottom/side sticker. These model #s are 4-8 digits and usually start with an letter (e.g TM604G)

Please follow your local waste removal regulations since they vary by location.

Batteries should be kept in a dry and cool location.

Warranty for the batteries is 1 year from the date of install.