Find answers to many of your Netflix service questions right here.


Netflix from Atlantic Broadband is the easiest way to get Netflix on your TV set. In fact, Atlantic Broadband makes watching Netflix on your TV set as easy as changing the channel. Plus, a study from Netflix shows that Atlantic Broadband provides the best streaming quality for TV shows and Movies than any of our competitors.

You must set up a Netflix account and pay the $7.99 monthly fee and pay for TiVo Service from Atlantic Broadband. There are no other additional charges to access the Netflix service through our TiVo receivers.

No. Your Netflix subscription is directly through Netflix and Netflix will bill you directly on your credit card.

Yes, the TiVo service and the Netflix App will work on both HD and SD TV sets.

Yes. As long as you put a TiVo Mini or TiVo DVR from Atlantic Broadband on each TV set you can access Netflix on all your TV sets.

The Netflix app from Atlantic Broadband is fully integrated into the TiVo & Atlantic Broadband services. Now you only need 1 box to watch Live TV, On Demand, DVR Recordings & Netflix.  No need to switch back and forth between devices, or to use cumbersome smart-TV apps or mess with connecting your computer to your TV. The Netflix app on TiVo makes watching Netflix on your TV set as easy as changing the channel.

To get the Netflix App you will need a TiVo Receiver.  There are three Receivers that will work.  

  • TiVo T6 DVR – The main DVR in your home
  • TiVo Mini – Less expensive box for 2nd and 3rd TVs in your home that works with the T6 DVR
  • TiVo Preview  - A standalone HD receiver

You must have the following services from Atlantic Broadband and Netflix in order to get Netflix from Atlantic Broadband. 

  • Atlantic Broadband Video Service (Multiple Tier Options Available)
  • Atlantic Broadband TiVo Service
  • Atlantic Broadband Internet Service (minimum of 5Mbps speed)
  • Netflix Service Account (must be active or create a new one)

No. The Netflix app only works on TiVo receivers.

Yes. All TiVo's will be able to access Netflix through the App. You can even watch different shows and movies on each TiVo receiver.

The number of devices that may be allowed to instantly watch simultaneously will depend on your Netflix membership plan. You must call or visit to view specific information on your account with Netflix.

Customers that are new to Netflix can sign up and get 1 month free. You may not have previously had Netflix service.