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Residential and Business customers using a dynamically assigned IP address can send an email addressed up to 100 recipients and each email can be up to 50MB in size. Business customers using a reserved or static IP address can send an email addresses to up to 500 recipients and each email can be up to 75 MB in size.

Each email account has a total available space of 1GB on our email servers and can contain a maximum of 16,384 emails. When this quota is reached, email will not be delivered to the account that is past its quota. An automated email, via our spam protection server will be sent when the quota is at 90% that will direct you on how to retrieve those emails from our mail server.

Email and your Personal Web Space do not share the same folder on the servers and have the following limits:

- 80 MB for Web Space
- 1GB for email

If the quota for your account comes within and reaches its limit, an email will be sent to you informing you that the mail servers will not accept new mail until the space is freed up on the server.

The email system is not meant for permanent storage of email. Therefore, any unread email messages that are left on the system for over 120 days are subject to deletion.

You can automatically change your email password. All you need to do is visit and enter your existing email address and password, and then change the password to a new one.

The standard email configuration will be to set your email client to be configured for SSL ENCRYPTION and NO AUTHENTICATION, and your User/Account Name is your entire email address (i.e. POP and SMTP Server Settings are defined below and based on the state in which your account resides.

New Hampshire & Maine




POP Server Address: or pop.[state] if applicable

Incoming Port: 110


Full E-mail Address for Username: Yes

E-mail Password Required: Yes

SMTP Server Address: or smtp.[state] if applicable
Outgoing Port: 465
SSL: Yes
Full Email Address for Username: Yes
E-mail Password Required: Yes

Note: The [state] is abbreviated for pop.[state] and smtp.[state]

Example: and would be for Pennsylvania.
Maine and New Hampshire have no [state] abbreviation.

If you have forgotten your password you can recover it by answering a secret question or by confirming a text message sent to your mobile device.


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