Sports Programming Surcharge

Sports Programming Surcharge - FAQs Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sports Programming Surcharge - FAQs Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the unique circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many professional sports were not played or broadcast this year. In response to this situation, we’ve been working with the Regional Sports Networks to secure refunds wherever possible. If you paid the Sports Programming Surcharge from April 1st – June 1st we intend to pass on any reimbursement we receive from the regional sports network. As we continue to work with regional sports networks, we will communicate more details in the coming months.

See the frequently asked questions below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regional sports networks charge Atlantic Broadband to make their channels available to Atlantic Broadband customers. Atlantic Broadband usually includes a monthly fee that reflects the fees that we pay to carry regional sports channels. It’s called the “Sports Programming Surcharge” on your bill.

Atlantic Broadband has been working closely with the Regional Sports Network to reimburse any fees associated to the loss of local sports being broadcasted due to COVID-19. As Atlantic Broadband receives reimbursements, we will pass these to eligible customers as credits.

You may be eligible if you are in a market where the regional sports networks costs are refunded to Atlantic Broadband.

All customers eligible for a credit will receive any refund on or around their March 2021 billing cycle.


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