Learn how Atlantic Broadband can help you meet the needs of your residents.

Who is Atlantic Broadband?
Atlantic Broadband, a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. (TSX: CCA), is the eighth-largest cable operator in the United States, based on the number of television service customers. We provide residential and business customers with Internet, TV and Phone services in 11 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

What are the key reasons other communities have made the switch to Atlantic Broadband?
Exceptional service, competitive pricing, enhanced in-home experience and network reliability are just a few of the reasons other communities have made the switch. Click here to watch a short video and hear for yourself what customers are saying about their Atlantic Broadband experience.

What services are typically offered in bulk packages?
From ultra-fast Internet speeds, to unlimited Phone, to the ultimate TV viewing experience through the TiVo® platform, Atlantic Broadband offers customizable packages within a suite of best-in-class services. Working closely with governing boards, we create unique packages to meet the specific needs of residents in each community.

Which streaming services and apps are available through Atlantic Broadband?
Atlantic Broadband supports streaming via Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, iHeart Radio and Pandora. You will need a subscription to run these services.

What is the average time frame for deployment throughout my community?
Several factors can influence how long it takes to complete a full installation cycle at a new property, which can include proximity to the network, the number of units within the community and the type of connection being installed. Atlantic Broadband works with each property on building out a project timeline, from the construction phase through the installation of services to individual residents.

What can residents expect during the transition of services process?
Atlantic Broadband delivers a first-class customer experience throughout the resident onboarding process. All questions are answered by highly trained personnel, and Community Account Managers are assigned to each property to offer support for the length of the contract. Focusing on the needs of your community, Atlantic Broadband ensures not only that installation is completed successfully, but that residents receive everything they need during the transition.

What can residents and communities expect during construction?
Atlantic Broadband manages each project from start to finish – from the planning phase, to design, to actual construction and network implementation. Project management staff will work to build and install a branch from our miles of fiber optic networks to your facility, without any cost or disruption to the community.

Does Atlantic Broadband own its own network?
Yes, Atlantic Broadband operates and manages its own fiber network and transport, allowing for much faster response times – especially during an outage. It also allows bandwidth to be increased at any time during the contract, ensuring the scalability to adapt to future technology. Plus, the reliability of a direct networking backbone eliminates the need to pass through a third party.

What type of networks does Atlantic Broadband install?
Every property is unique. Atlantic Broadband will review your communications needs and customize a solution that’s optimized for your community, whether it’s delivering fiber to the unit or fiber to the property.

Will residents receive personalized support alongside Atlantic Broadband solutions?
Providing the best possible service is a top priority for Atlantic Broadband. That’s why each community is assigned a dedicated Community Account Manager who works closely with residents and governing boards both during and after installation. They provide a unique, personal touch and guarantee that everyone receives the technology they deserve.

Can residents choose to stay with their previous provider if their community is switching to Atlantic Broadband?
Residents may choose to keep their previous provider, but they will still be responsible for paying the homeowners association charge for Atlantic Broadband bulk services, in addition to paying for the services they wish to retain from another provider.

Can residents manage their accounts online?
Atlantic Broadband offers a robust online portal that makes it easy to manage a range of services. Customers can sign in to change account settings, pay bills, see channel lineups or even check out the latest on-demand movies.

Can residents keep their same phone number?
Yes, residents who want to keep their current number and are interested in Atlantic Broadband phone services can sign up for a retail plan before their installation appointment.