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Atlantic Broadband is in Miami, Florida! Enjoy reliable high speed internet, a best-in-class wifi experience and premium entertainment packages Now you can work from home, watch the Heat game, and stream on Twitch without worrying about your data. Did we mention everyone gets unlimited data?

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In 3 easy steps, you can choose the internet, tv, and phone that works best for you.

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Unlimited Data. For Everyone.
Our WiFi comes with more than just high speed internet and flawless service. All of our packages include unlimited data with absolutely no data caps. No more worrying about data caps when you’re on TikTok.
No More Lagging.
Stream games, music, sports, and more without worrying about glitching or lagging. With our WiFi for home, you always get a consistent and fast connection. It’s not you, it’s the team!
Finally, some good tv
You don’t have to watch that same show for the tenth time on Netflix anymore. With our premium channels and packages, you can finally watch those shows everyone’s been talking about.
Stay connected from anywhere
Keep in touch with family and friends around the world without worrying about what it will cost you. Just like our WiFi, our phone services are unlimited too!
The ultimate entertainment experience
TiVo has everything you need: watch live tv, record your favorite shows, and more all in one place. With TiVo’s voice remote, you can access your entertainment apps quickly, search for shows, and even ask for recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best internet in Miami?

With our reliably fast internet and unlimited data for every plan, Atlantic Broadband offers the best internet service in Miami! We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Instead, you can customize your internet package and choose exactly the speed you need. Our WiFi Your Way package even offers real-time security, access tools, and adaptive coverage. The best part? No unexpected fees.

Does Atlantic Broadband have cheap internet?

You can creative your own customized Atlantic Broadband internet package so you only pay for what you need. Looking for more speed? Upgrade at any time with no hidden fees! All of our packages offer unlimited data with absolutely no data caps, so you’ll never have to worry about maxing out your data.

What can I do with high speed Internet connection?

With Atlantic Broadband high speed internet, you no longer have to worry about freezing on your Zoom calls or glitching in the middle of the game. High speed internet makes life easier – and faster!

Why is it important to have a fast internet speed?

Having a fast and smooth internet means less time spent waiting for data. When internet connection speeds are sluggish, everything you do online moves at a much slower speed. With faster speeds, you can enjoy working from home, or browsing your favorite websites without frustratingly slow load times.

What is the best wifi system for a large home?

Atlantic Broadband’s WiFi Your Way™ package is perfect for big homes with multiple users. No matter where you are in your home, your WiFi speed adjusts to you, giving you complete coverage. You can take full control of your WiFi experience at home with game-changing technology and real-time security powered by AI.