Outages & Storms

When severe weather heads your way, we want you and your loved ones to remain safe. We closely monitor all natural disaster activity and while your service may be interrupted during severe inclement weather.

Provide your ZIP Code to check availability at your location.


Our website is the best way to stay up to speed on any potential service interruption or outages. Our information is organized by ZIP Code to give the most specific information on your service area.

if the power goes out or there's a widespread service outage, our broadband network will automatically alert us to the areas affected by a system outage. Our 24/7 support team will continue to monitor the storm and provide updates when necessary.

Please stay away from any lines that are down or hanging low. Assume they are live and dangerous. We mobilize crews as quickly as possible to restore line issues.

Please make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and that you have prepared an emergency plan.