Home WiFi

Getting a great WiFi signal everywhere you want it in your home can be a real challenge. That’s why Atlantic Broadband offers two in-home WiFi services to meet a range of connection needs.

Fast and Secure Home WiFi Options

Both services deliver fast, secure and reliable WiFi, but if you have WiFi coverage problems - or your household does a lot of video streaming - then our state-of-the-art Enhanced Home WiFi Service is what you need.

FeatureWhy It MattersHome WiFiEnhanced Home WiFi
Secure ConnectionKeep your home network private
Uses Latest WiFi 'AC' ProtocolsFaster, more reliable signals
24 x 7 U.S. Based SupportHelp is available whenever you need it
Extendable Mesh NetworkComplete WiFi coverage no matter the size or shape of your home 
Video Stream PriorityEliminates buffering - the ultimate video streaming experience 
WiFi Noise CancellingMinimize interference - even in apartment and condo complexes 
Connection SteeringGet best possible signal and speed as you move room to room 
Handy Management AppEasily change SSID and set up a guest network 


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WiFi included in all Bundles

Get our Home WiFi service as part of any Bundle. And, you have the option to easily upgrade to our Enhanced Home WiFi service with our flexible bundles.