Brace yourself for the Fastest. Internet. Ever.

  • Fastest in-home Internet speeds available in Connecticut.
  • You can stream, download, work and play like never before with speeds up to 100x faster than Frontier Internet.
  • Includes Home WiFi with the latest AC technology so all of your devices can connect wirelessly.

Our Speed Advantage is Powerful

If you think you know what fast Internet is, rethink everything. Our new GigaEdge service is faster and more powerful than anything you’ve ever experienced.

  Atlantic Broadband
Gigabit Internet
Atlantic Broadband
Express Plus
2 hour HD Movie (4GB) 32 Seconds 5 Minutes
Upload File (250MB) 40 Seconds 3 Minutes

Test Your Current Speed Now

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Our New GigaEdge Service Delivers all the Speed You Need

  • Up to 1 Gbps / 50Mbps.
  • Enables up to 30 devices to be online simultaneously.
  • Download an HD movie in about 30 seconds.

All for just

$8999 per Month