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Blazing speed the competition can't touch gives you new reasons to love being online.

  • Stream TV to your tablet.
  • Video chat, seamlessly.
  • Game online, and win.
  • Telecommute with confidence.
  • Connect multiple devices with Wireless Home Networking.
High Speed Internet with WiFi

Bundle Internet with TV and Get More

When you bundle TV service with high-speed Internet or Phone service you get upgrades including premium channels, DVR service, WiFi and more all at no extra cost.

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How Much Speed Do You Need?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how fast is fast enough.

  • According to the FCC, the optimal speed for web surfing without delays is 10Mbps. Anything less, and you may spend more time watching pages load than surfing them.
  • The average DSL connection is about 7Mbps, making DSL too slow for today's web sites.
  • If you're a gamer, broadband makes all the difference. By moving bits through its network 40% faster than DSL, it lets you perform better.

How Much Speed Do You Have?

Even if your DSL provider claims to provide speeds of 10Mbps or greater, your connection may be slower. The FCC found that, on average, DSL companies deliver only 85% of the speed they advertise.

Put Your Connection to The Test

Take this simple speed test on your home computer to see how much faster you can go with Atlantic Broadband.

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Wireless Home Networking

Atlantic Broadband can connect you with the latest wireless router, and set up all the devices you have. Bring home a new tablet, gaming system, or other device and call us 24/7 for help connecting that to your home network, too.

Wireless home networking is included in our most popular bundles at no extra cost.

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Wireless Home Networking

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Check out our support section.

  • Do you have caps on your internet service?

    No, Atlantic Broadband does not have Internet usage caps for any of our services.  All customers using residential High Speed Internet Services are subject to the terms of service.

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  • How can I test the Speed of my current home internet service?

    You can test your current home internet speed using our speed test tool.

    Topic: Service Page Topics » Internet
  • Do you have contracts?

    No, Atlantic Broadband does not use contracts for High Speed Internet service or any other services for your home.

    Topic: Service Page Topics » Internet
  • Do I need to have High Speed Internet service to have Phone service?

    No, you do not need to have High Speed Internet service to have Phone service. Customers that do sign up for High Speed Internet and Phone service will get better and priority customer service. Find out more.

    Topic: Service Page Topics » Internet
  • Does Atlantic Broadband offer Wireless Home Networking?

    Yes, Atlantic Broadband offers a Wireless Home Networking services which includes professional installation and set up and 24x7 customer support for your home networking needs.

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