• When is the last day I can access my existing MetroCast email account?

    You will no longer be able to access your MetroCast email account using your MetroCast email/username as of 10 am EST on February 2, 2016. It is imperative that you activate your new Atlantic Broadband email account before this date so you do not experience any service disruption. The contents of your MetroCast email box will be uploaded to your Atlantic Broadband email box on February 2nd.

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  • How do I access my Atlantic Broadband email account?

    Your email account can be accessed here.

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  • Can I keep my old MetroCast email address?

    No. You are now an Atlantic Broadband customer. However, if your username was available at Atlantic Broadband, we created the same one for you. If not, we just added –ABB to your username. For example:
    peterrabbit@ct.metrocast.net will be peterrabbit@atlanticbb.net
    johnsmith@ct.metrocast.net will be johnsmith-abb@atlanticbb.net

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  • Is my password the same?

    No. We have created a new random password for your new Atlantic Broadband mailbox. We encourage you to change that password to something personal that you can remember. You can change the password at URL.

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  • At MetroCast, I had a different username for my email account and TV Online service. Is it the same at Atlantic Broadband?

    Yes. You can use the same username and password to access both your email account and our TV Online service.

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  • We had multiple email addresses for our MetroCast account. Will we get to keep the multiple email addresses?

    Yes. We have created an email/username for every active MetroCast email address. We have designated one for each account as the primary email. You may want to verify that the email we designated is the one you want to be considered the primary email account.

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  • What can a primary email do compared to the secondary?

    The primary email user can make changes that affect the entire account. For example, they can set parental controls. Secondary users can make changes that impact their own account.

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  • How many email addresses can I have on one account?

    You can have a total of 10 separate email addresses on each Atlantic Broadband account.

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  • What did you consider an active email account?

    A mailbox that had been accessed in the last six months was considered an active mailbox.

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  • Will the contents of my MetroCast mailbox be moved to my new Atlantic Broadband mailbox?

    Yes. On February 2, 2016 we will transfer the contents of your MetroCast mailbox to your new Atlantic Broadband mailbox. At that time, your MetroCast mailbox will be disabled and you will no longer be able to access that mailbox.

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  • Will emails sent to my old MetroCast mailbox be forwarded to the new Atlantic Broadband mailbox?

    Yes. Any emails sent to your previous metrocast.net email after February 2nd will be automatically forwarded to your atlanticbb.net email account for a period of six (6) months.

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  • I don’t use the MetroCast webmail. Does that make any difference in the transfer?

    No we use standard mailbox formats so the content should transfer email content, flags and folder structure. Contacts will not be moved.

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  • If I want to keep my contacts, what should I do?

    Export from their old mail:

    1. 1. Log into your MetroCast webmail (webmail.metrocast.net)
    2. 2. Click on the contacts icon in the top right corner (silhouette of a person between the envelope and gear)
    3. 3. Click on “export” in the upper left corner under the “MetroCast” graphic
    4. 4. Select “save” or “save file” when the pop up box comes up. It should default to the name “webmail_contacts.vcf”. Then click “ok”.
    5. 5. The export should be completed. Now go to the import instructions once you have activated your account.


    Import to their ABB mail (Residential and Commercial):

    1. 1. Log into your atlanticbb.net webmail.
    2. 2. Click on “contacts” on the left side.
    3. 3. Click on “Contacts” under groups.
    4. 4. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the contacts window.
    5. 5. Select “Import vCard data.
    6. 6. Navigate to where you saved your vCard information from your MetroCast email and select “Open” at the bottom of that window. It will be a .vcf file.
    7. 7. Your MetroCast contacts will now be added to the contacts within your atlanticbb.net webmail.
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