Business Phone Support

Check your phone to make sure the ringer has not been turned off. You should also make sure that you do not have the Call Forwarding or Do Not Disturb features activated

Yes. However, if you currently use Atlantic Broadband’s Voicemail service and would like to use a separate answering machine, your Atlantic Broadband Voicemail service will need to be deactivated.

Yes.  With our Online Phone Manager, you can view your call details; manage your phone features and much more without ever picking up your phone.  Visit Business Phone Manager.

Most credit card authorization devices will work with Atlantic Broadband’s Phone service. You may need to use a lower baud rate or speed setting for better results.

The Universal Service Fund is a federal program to subsidize telecommunications services to certain customers. The Federal Communications Commission permits service providers to recover these contributions from their customers as a separate line item on the bill.

The Universal Service Recovery Fee is a surcharge imposed by the company to recover our contribution to the federal Universal Service Fund. The Universal Service Recovery Fee is calculated by multiplying the interstate and international telecommunications charges on a customer's bill by the current contribution rate. The contribution rate is set quarterly by the Federal Communications Commission.

Your Business Phone service calling plan charges will appear on your Atlantic Broadband bill each month. Additional charges for calls made to international locations, Directory Assistance (411) or Operator Services will appear as line items on the same bill.

Yes. Atlantic Broadband Business Phone service is compatible with most fax equipment brands.

No. Atlantic Broadband Phone service does not require or rely on your computer in any way.

Atlantic Broadband is proud to offer Enhanced 911 or “e911” service. Dialing 911 connects you to an operator trained to route your call to local emergency medical, fire, and law enforcement agencies. E911 or Enhanced 911 has the added benefit that your telephone number and location are automatically transmitted to the operator during the call.

The vast majority of alarm systems are compatible. However, some alarm systems, particularly older ones that do not support tone dialing, may not work properly without changes. We suggest you test your alarm system before and after installation of Atlantic Broadband Business Phone service.

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