Business Internet Support

If you are unable to get online and have only one computer on your network, reboot your modem and/or router then reboot your computer. If there are multiple computers on your network, check to see if other computers are having a similar problem. If all of the computers on the network are experiencing the same issue, reboot your modem and/or router. If you are still experiencing problems after rebooting, contact your Network Administrator. 

If you are unable to access your email, first check to ensure that you Internet connection is working properly through your web browser. If you are able to connect to a website, verify that your email configurations settings are correct or check with your Network Administrator.

Yes. Using the Atlantic Broadband webmail at you can access your email account from any location that has Internet access.

You can use the Atlantic Broadband speed test. 

Atlantic Broadband Business Internet service is compatible with any web browser.

Unless you are using a static IP address with your Atlantic Broadband Business account, your IP address will be assigned automatically and may change occasionally.

Pro GigaEdge Support

Our Pro GigaEdge service provides businesses with internet access at speeds up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) over our cutting-edge DOCSIS network infrastructure.

All customers who subscribe to Pro GigaEdge service will need to lease a modem from Atlantic Broadband. This is to ensure the customer gets optimum speeds and service.

The DOCSIS 3.1 equipment that is required to support Pro GigaEdge is not currently available on the retail market.

Yes, but your network speeds will be limited to the maximum speed of your LAN equipment speeds. Check with your equipment manufacturers’ specifications.

Yes, but your wireless network speeds will be limited to the maximum speed of your wireless router and devices. Check with your wireless equipment manufacturers’ specifications.

If you are subscribing to a speed greater than 100Mbps, and want to take full advantage of these speeds, you might want to upgrade 100Mbps networking equipment to 1 Gbps.

No. These devices typically operate at speeds much slower than Pro GigaEdge can provide, and will vary by device.

No. Like our current modems, customers must configure static IP addresses on their own switch or router.

No. The Atlantic Broadband Pro GigaEdge service is fully managed by us. There is no customer configuration required.

Customers who have optimum LAN hardware and configurations should expect wired speed tests in excess of 900Mbps on the proper Atlantic Broadband speed test site.

Our experienced Support representatives can help you. Email us your request.